Trail pulk shell



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Purpose designed for high latitude travel as an alternative to more conventional fibreglass or kevlar pulks. Made from High Density Polyethylene ( HDPE) which has proven to be virtually indestructible for this intended end use. For more information on which size pulk is best suited for your purpose please see the advice page on Pulks.

  • Pointed egg-shaped nose and narrow supportive rim allowing easy manoeuvrability
    • Excellent glide – very low friction
    • Lightweight
    • Tough high density polyethylene
    • Designed for use with rigid shaft or ropes
    • Can be rafted side by side, or towed one behind the other
    • Design loading 50kg (110 lbs) maximum (with baseboard)
    • Overall dimensions 147.5 x 41cm (57.75 x 19.75)
    • Maximum internal dimensions 115 x 31cm (54.75 x 16) at top
    • Weight: (bare shell) 2.2kg (4lb 13oz)
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