HDPE Story

Following our success producing fibreglass and Kevlar pulks, we sat down with a blank sheet of paper to design a plastic pulk made from high density polyethylene for expedition and backcountry use. The resulting pointed egg-shaped front with a shallow attack angle, smooth supportive rim and capacity for multi day / week expeditions became the HDPE pulk. It quickly became a favourite with Polar expeditions, back country enthusiasts, hunters and ice fishers.

We knew we had got it right – Customers told us so.

Following the success of the Trail, we designed its big sister, the HDPE Expedition pulk for longer expeditions and offering an option for towing by skidoo.

Both pulks have proved they exactly satisfy the performance our customers demand. You can’t argue with tens of thousands of miles travelled on expeditions some of which have been over a thousand miles, carrying heavy loads, sometimes travelling at speed with kites. The polyethylene pulks are incredibly robust and more durable than fibreglass and Kevlar even at -40’C.

No bells and whistles,
just what works well.

Around the HDPE pulks, we developed all the items required for a complete load-carrying and hauling system. Each has been designed as simply as possible, to work together.