The Company

Polar Supplies

Polar Supplies grew out of Snowsled Canada which was set up by John Wright in 2012 to market Snowsled products in North America.  Snowsled was a British company specializing in the design and manufacture of equipment for use in the Polar Regions.  They also manufactured rescue equipment such as vacuum mattresses, casualty rescue bags and insulation pods.

Snowsled was started in 1988 by Roger Daynes who like John has a background with the British Antarctic Survey (BAS).  The company started by manufacturing Nansen Sleds for the British Antarctic Survey.  They supplied at least twelve National Antarctic and Arctic Research organisations as well as numerous private expeditions and recreational users.  The product range increased to include fibreglass and Kevlar pulk sleds which were superseded by the innovative HDPE plastic pulk systems.

In addition to major Government and private expeditions the recreational community saw the value of Snowsled gear and our customer base grew to include skiers, hunters, ice fishers and just about anybody who travels in the Polar Regions or the back country in winter.

Despite the retirement of Roger in 2017 the Snowsled story continues in the UK.  Production of HDPE pulks and associated equipment was taken over by Aiguille Alpine and are marketed as Aiguille Snowsled.  Meanwhile Dave Ellis who had worked for Roger established Ratcliff Ellis Polar equipment to take over the manufacture of heavier sleds and Scott Pyramid Tents.

The changes “across the pond” presented us with new opportunities here in Canada and in 2017 we changed our name to Polar Supplies.  We carry the full range of Aiguille Snowsled products in addition to other selected gear from the Aiguille range.  We are also able to link customers to the specialist equipment such as Nansen Sleds and Scott pyramid tents manufactured by Ratcliffe Ellis which are generally used by government and research organisations.