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Hauling shaft
A hauling shaft is necessary to properly control the pulk on uneven and steep ground and the Snowsled shaft is specially designed to even out the stresses imposed on the system.
Weight: 1.80 Kgs or 4 lbs.
In areas such as pack-ice, when heavy pulk loads may be difficult to control, ropes may be a safer option.

• The innovative Snowsled hauling shaft system is unrestricted in the vertical plane.
• Maintains maximum stability horizontally.
• Cross-bar system helps maintain pulk behind hauler.
• Allows significant twist without the need to cross the shafts.
• Can be packed easily within the pulk for shipping and storage.
• Plastic components are either UHMW polyethylene or acetal, rated to below -40C.
• The black acetal cross-bar brackets allow the cross and side-tubes to twist with respect to one another.
• Should the need arise, the shafts can be detached and replaced with ropes, threaded through the holes in the pulk arms.

Hauling shafts are supplied with full fitting instructions which can also be found at Shaft fitting instructions (pdf) (20th June 2014)
Hauling shaft for Trail Pulk. Canadian $ 29500 US $268.00
Hauling shaft for Expedition Pulk. Canadian $ 29500 US $268.00

A small spares kit is available in case of loss.